You’re enjoying the appointment when your favourite stylist drops the bombshell.

They’re moving, leaving or worse pregnant!

You manage to congratulate them, but seriously who the hell is going to do your hair now?

Follow my guide & save your tears!

The very first step is to get a personal recommendation from your current stylist or someone’s hair you love. Check out reviews & the salon’s Instagram to get a feel of the type of work they do. All stylists & salons have a niche or signature. Be sure it fits what you are looking for.

  • Go for a blow dry, no risk involved here & you can check out the salon. 
  • See which stylists are doing work you like. Don’t pick the stylist with the best hair, find out who does theirs.
  • Book a consultation, especially if you are having a colour service or a big change.
  • Take 2-3 pics of your desired look, ideally front & back. Don’t take hair up, in plaits or wet hair pics.
  • Your stylist should always give you a skin test, take a strand test if lightening the hair & a porosity test if the hair appears damaged. 
  • You will need to ask whether its achievable, will suit your face shape, the maintenance, aftercare & all costs involved.
  • If you are happy with the consultation & feel ready to go ahead, book your appointment.

Appointment day 

8. Arrive with clean hair, on time & with a buffer – incase your appointment runs over.

9. Have the original pics you showed the stylist at the consultation. If you have changed your mind a little, it’s ok. But completely new & dramatically different styles, may need a longer appointment or strand tests. Ring before the appointment & rebook if necessary.

What if I don’t like it!

10. Without getting emotional, rude or personal, say exactly what you feel you are unhappy with. Is it too dark/light, is the tone is too brassy/ashy. Screaming “it’s ginger” over & over is not helpful.

All these things are easily fixed, & giving the salon a chance to tweak or re-do is the best way to build a rapport & a long, trusting relationship. Hair is incredibly individual & if you simply don’t like how it looks on you, it can be changed.

Remember your stylist wants you to be happy, they are not out to ruin your life!

Yeah, but should I pay?

11. If it’s a small issue & you are booked in again to tweak, most salons would take payment. I’ve always found a 7 day period for customers to get in touch with any problems works well & most good salons will re-do with no charge, if they are at fault or a miscommunication. 

If you’ve just changed your mind, you probably would pay for a re-do.



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