A full head of baby-lights on super long hair!

Over the last few years, the Salon colour menu has got increasingly more difficult to understand.

As little as 5 years ago most people opted for either foils or a full head colour. Now with popular social media hair sites, there are so many options to choose from. Most clients will often send us 7 or 8 inspiration pics. Celebrity hair, which need an extreme colour transformation usually!


Let’s start with this popular service.Balayage is a hand painted technique, where the hair is lifted 3-4 shades giving a sun lightened look. It’s great if you want a long lasting colour or to look as if you’ve spent the summer on a yacht. Because the natural root is left, it grows out seamlessly. It’s not so good if you are expecting a very light canvas & your hair is natural or dyed dark.


Very fine foils are packed in taking most of the hair & giving a light & childlike quality to the hair. Tiny sections are taken all over the head & woven finely to produce a light colour without any visible natural colour. These are perfect for removing dark colours without a striped effect. You will need a 6-8 re-touch or it can be left to grow out with a shadow root effect.


This technique is used to leave a natural root & lighten the hair in an even but soft band around the hair. It can be left to completely grow out or taken higher into the hair if wished. Generally, this look is best styled in a beachy, tousled way & can look blocky when styled straight especially if the blend from light to dark is a too hard a contrast.


The foliage technique can be used on any type of foiling. It’s an action of brushing into the roots, rather than producing a complete coverage. This gives a feathered line when growing out & a hint of shadow root. Again this application can make your colour last longer than the traditional 6 week touch up.

Platinum Card

This colour corrective service is used for removing colour & producing an even light colour from root to tip. Originally a Paul Mitchell technique where fine sections are taken, lightener is applied on the entire length of the hair & wrapped in foil without being woven out.

Shadow root

A darker root can be added to blonde hair to give it some dimension & a grown out edgy feel. Not so good if you have a very light natural hair or grey regrowth, as this will need a re-touch every 4-6 weeks

Reverse Balayage

This can be used in all colours of hair, its good for rebalancing colour, to add texture to blonde hair that feels too one colour. Colour is hand painted through the hair to produce a natural finish of highs & lows.

Full head bleach

Not one for the faint-hearted!

The hair is lifted evenly all over the head, using an on the scalp lightener. The re-growth will need to be carefully re-lightened every 3-4 weeks. Left any longer & the heat from the head cannot help with lifting & banding can occur. Needs lots of aftercare & gentle styling. Great for impact & a fabulous base for mermaid direct dyes.

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